Do you like to dance? 🕺

Apr 02, 2019

I’m curious, do you like to dance? I grew up not really dancing, pretty much ever 😂. But ever since having children, I have found so much joy and let’s be honest laughter whenever our family happens to break out into a little dance party.


No diapers...officially!!

Mar 29, 2019

Just like that we are at the tail end of March! I don’t know about you, but this year has been zooming by so quickly!! I’ve had some really exciting developments professionally as well as personally, one being that little baby Betty is officially potty-trained.



Mar 19, 2019

Do you currently have a favorite book? Mine is Becoming -- and this book knocked the socks off of my feet! (Does anyone say this lol). I remember taking this book with me to urgent care and sneaking in a few pages all whilst waiting to be diagnosed with the flu -- I mean that good!